In 5 words, Jarrad describes himself as ‘The fella that always sings’, the Wrangler team sat down with him to find out more about the real Jarrad Wrigley.

Creative process… talk us through it!

I haven’t really pinned down what my creative process is yet, I suppose that makes it pretty creative in itself. Each song idea comes to me in a different way, so I treat them all differently when I’m working on them. I always have random sparks of inspiration, whether it be one liners, melodic ideas, or even chordal progressions. I started always carrying a pen in my boots to write the ideas down on my arm as they come to me. Turns out, airport security start watching you when you forget there’s a pen in your boot and you walk through the metal detector…

Do you feel your taste in music heavily informs your fashion sense?

To an extent, yes. My taste in music and sense of style are both reflections of my personality, which is why they resonate well together.

Who/what have been the biggest influences on your music?

Growing up, I had multiple music genres and styles thrown at me from different family members, but it was the Country and Western music that my Nanna played for me that spoke to me the most.

If you could travel to one place in the world right now, where would that be?

That’s a tough one…I think I’d go to the Sun Records studio in Memphis, Tennessee. Both Elvis and Johnny Cash started their careers in that studio and being there would bring me a little closer to two of my biggest heroes.

Fun Fact about you?

I could sing before I could talk.

Something new/cool you discovered lately?

‘The Nervous Breakdown’ by Brad Paisley…just listen to it, you can thank me later.

Fave Wrangler jeans fit?

The slim fit Cowboy Cut Wranglers are my favourite. They’re perfectly snug without being restrictive, and they look great!

Double Denim?

I mean, I wear double denim all the time…sometimes even triple denim. If you have enough confidence in your own style, you can rock any kind of combination.

What’s in the works for you at the moment? Give us something to look forward to please!

I’m currently getting ready to release my next single ‘Further To The Land’ on the 29th of July. It’s a song I wrote with Allan Caswell, which tells my story, where I come from and why I am the way I am. I cannot wait to share it with everyone!

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